Tuesday, 5 June 2012


So this is my first ever post! I want to use this blog to share some of the things I have learned and am still learning about in my transition to a more healthy and active lifestyle. I have just finished university and as a student I loved looking at other blogs to inspire my lifestyle and now that I'm no longer a student (just plain unemployed...not for long I hope!), I think I have the time to get into blogging myself!

I will be posting food and workouts that I have enjoyed, and will be sure to post inspiration I stumble upon in similar blogs.

I think it is appropriate that I start my first blog with how I start every morning - my breakfast smoothie:

I soak oats and seeds over night and blend in the morning with frozen fruit (strawberries and kiwi today), spinach, yoghurt and barley grass powder. Sexy, huh?! (But delicious, I swear!)

For lunch I roasted some asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes to go with some poached eggs on toast. Roasting the veg completely changes the flavour, and because I knew I'd be photographing it I even made an effort with the presentation ;-)

For dinner tonight I made a soup with lentil, carrot and tomato, boosted with some pea protein powder and cubes of avocado to balance out the fat and protein content of the meal. I liked how basil-y it was but was disappointed with the chili not coming through. I was also disappointed with my stupidity in putting HOT soup in the blender and promptly lost about 10-15% of my dinner to the kitchen surfaces, cupboards, floors and my clothes. I've been used to a blender that has a very slow setting that is ideal for soups, something which the blender here at my mum's house doesn't have....doh!

Today I also put myself at the mercy of my equally (if not more) fitness enthused boyfriend as he had me running sprints in between trees at the park. I was slightly worried I would be followed by dogs on their walkies as I ran from tree to tree, but thankfully they didn't show much interest! It killed my quads like I have never known, which I guess comes from engaging leg muscles differently to how I normally do on a steady long run or high intensity intevals on a treadmill. I'm trying to shock my body into new routines, terrains and outdoor conditions in preparation for a couple of events I have coming up in the next few months.

Thanks for reading my blog today - I look forward to posting again!

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  1. Hi Hannah - it will be interesting to hear about some of the things you have learnt from reading blogs - I love the look of that plate of roasted veg