Thursday, 14 June 2012

Greetings from Greece!

Hello! It felt about time that I posted a blog on my time in Greece so far, especially since I'm so keen to share the meal I had out this evening.

Up until tonight, I have eaten all my meals at the hotel - gorgeous Greek salads, aubergines, peppers, yoghurt, omelettes and tzatziki (sp?). The first night I even broke my meat free streak and had the swordfish, because I've had it before and KNEW it'd be good!

Tonight we ate out in a lovely village called Afytos. I was excited to try some new Greek specialities and wasn't afraid to indulge in some beautiful starters.

Fried courgette flowers - I have never had these before but they were amazing,a little like good quality vegetable crisps but more delicate. They came with a garlic puree/spread that had a lovely garlic flavour but it didnt linger or turn bitter in my mouth.

Grilled aubergine stuffed with feta - also delicious. It came whole and without the skin which was a new one to me, and stuffed with feta cubes and dried herbs. Feta wasnt too salty either which was good as it stopped it from overpowering the smokiness of the aubergine.

For main I had orzo (a rice shaped pasta), another first, with a tomato sauce and mixed vegetables (onion, tomato, pepper, courgette, mushroom). It had a very rich flavour and the texture of orzo was some way between risotto rice and overcooked pasta and was a good vehicle for the rich flavour. I couldn't even finish it, showing how satisfying it was!

I have kept up my exercise while here as there is a small but decent enough gym and fitness studio. So far my workouts have been interval run/walks, a body circuit instructed by my boyfriend, and today I was dripping after a 6k treadmill run. My average speed was about 10kph, which is slower than I would usually manage, but a greater effort in this heat! I've also swam and walked a little each day!

Will update again in a few days, I expect!

Hannah x

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  1. Oh, I'd love to visit Greece. Specially for their delicious food, which my husband hates. :( BUT I could try and go with some friends instead. ;)

    BTW, I just got your Foodie Penpal parcel. It's amazing! Full of so so much yummy goodness. Will be trying them all and make a review soon. Thank you so, so so much! x