Friday, 29 June 2012

Market Day!

I know I already blogged today but I also wanted to quickly share the lovelies I bought for lunch at the market today:

A 'Mumbai' scotch egg (meat-free of course). There was some interesting spicing going on in the 'sausagey' part from chili to fennel seeds, and the texture was enriched with whole chickpeas and chunks of hazelnut!
The 'Glastonbury Crumble' has "Vintage sheep's cheese, buckwheat, peas, onion, courgette and mint from the garden. Gluten free as well!" ( I could taste all the flavours listed, and the sheep's cheese was a new one for me and it's lovely mild flavour didn't over power.

Yes, it was greedy of me to have both for lunch today (with a whole baby cumber too!), but no, I do not care, they were both delicious! I topped my day of with an awesome one hour spin class at my new club, and felt right at home speaking at the end with my instructor and 'class-mates'

Next time I exercise will be my 10K on Sunday, and I will share this with you on Monday. I have a busy weekend lined up so I probably won't find the time to blog 'til then.

Anyway, hope you all have amazing weekends!

Hannah xxx

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