Saturday, 9 June 2012

Stuffed with Success!!!

Hello all!

Today has been an exciting day on both the fitness and food front so I shall split the blog into two


A PB for outdoor running - six miles (almost 10K) - the furthest that I have ever run outside before, and I did it on sore legs too (thanks to just 10 minutes of messing around with a kettle bell yesterday). I then followed it with a quick yoga sequence recommended by Sarah at Sarah Learns and I could really feel it stretching all those key running muscles - very satisfying! Sarah says that it has changes her running recovery experience so I'll keep this up in the home of similar results.

My feet are now a mess though! They were already in pretty poor condition thanks to wearing high heels a couple of weeks ago and running in worn out trainers didn't help....I'll spare you the photos anyway!

For those of you on facebook, I also wanted to share with you today a page called Reasons to be Fit - check it out, motivattional images are posted daily with great mantras to inspire you. I loved this one today:

Definitely a healthier and more accurate saying than the 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels', in my opinion!

And finally, this post on FitFluential caught my eye as I will be trying to keep my 10K training up (and general fitness) while holidaying in Greece for the next fortnight. It's about adapting and preparing yourself for changes in climate for runners and couldn't have come at a better time!


I fuelled  my run this morning with one of my usual green smoothies (kiwi and strawberry this time)
I ate lunch out with my mum and indulged in a butternut squash and rocket risotto and I'm kicking myself for not photographing it for you! However it looked pretty much like this:

And dinner was an actual success! My first ever proper attempt at stuffed peppers based largely on this recipe from The Vegan Foodie, a blog which I shall be exploringa bit more in future I'm sure!

I followed the recipe almost exactly, though I had to use a combination of green and red lentils (ran out of green) and I unveganised it by subbing the crumb topping for some lovley melty cheese! I also used kale rather than spinach as I save spinach for breakfast. Aren't they sexy????
And I had it served with some pitta chips and some mushed up avocado with a squeeze of a lime to pump up the goodness...oh yeah...
These went down a treat with my mum and her boyfriend (both meat-eaters), so would definitely recommend if you're wanting to feed omnivores a veggie option!

Thanks again for reading, gang! I'll be checking in again tomorrow for perhaps my last blog for a while as I'm not sure how easy it'll be for me to blog in Greece.

Hannah x

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