Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wardrobe Detoxification and Delicious Dumplings!

Today I have learned something. Humans have far too much stuff. And I have far too many clothes.

I thought that I had unpacked most of my belongings into my brother's old room at my mum's house. And that was enough 'stuff'. I thought I had everything in there that I could possibly need. It turned out my dad had the attic filled with bags and boxes of my clothes too, so today's mission has been to attempt re-homing a load of stuff that probably has all of 3% chance of me ever wearing/using again. I have taken a full rubbish bag of clothes to the recycling (something which I also did when emptying my cupboards 2 weeks ago when I was packing to leave university). And yet there is still SO MUCH STUFF!!!

There is a lot of stuff from my junk food days that are a size or two too big for me, but they are wearable, so I ought to hang onto them as I'd rather not waste them if I could wear them in future if the occaision arises and alter them if necessary. This is something I'm reluctant to do though as I like the size that I have worked hard to wear, but I guess I can always cut the labels out!

I'm going to attempt flogging some dresses on ebay too, to free up a little space, but I think the key thing here is to swear to myself that I am not buying myself any new clothes for a long time. I thought I needed new stuff for my holiday next monday...apparently not!

So to tenuously link this back to this blog's theme of health, I suppose you could call today's events detoxifying???

This morning's smoothie followed the usual formula, with strawberries, blueberries and extra spinach. Instead of green sludge, I thought I'd show the components today! The vanilla yoghurt I used made it extra sweet and creamy, though I only bought it because it was discounted. It also has added sugar, not my tummy's best friend, so I'll be back to plain yoghurt tomorrow *sigh*

Today's lunch was a regular staple as I needed a quick fix in between sorting all these clothes. Cottage cheese and toasted walnuts in a pitta bread which is a delicious combination and a superb meat-free protein fix, accompanied with some raw and cooked veggies.

I also tried this recipe of oat and chickpea dumplings in passata, as cited by Cathy at PlanetVeggie. I can confidently say that this is the best thing that I have cooked with beans in a long time! Whenever I have attempted similar recipes for bean burgers etc. they have never worked for me and fallen apart in the pan. However, it wouldn't've been a normal dinner without drama: just as I thought how perfectly things were going for a change as I panfried the dumplings, the smoke alarm went off! Ultimately though, I loved how simple this recipe was, and that it was free from egg, parmesan, and bread crumbs which are typically used to bind these sorts of things. The cumin and coriander flavours came through perfectly, and served on some steamed kale made this an extremely satisfying dinner. I wanted to show how moist and fresh they looked inside, which is why I've uploaded the second pic.

I have made enough to enjoy cold for lunch tomorrow...any thoughts on how I could tart them up?

No workouts today. Besides busily sorting out all the clothes, the weather has been absolutely terrible! Although it has brightened up now and I'm tempted to go and run off the dumplings!

Thanks for reading, back tomorrow!

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