Thursday, 21 June 2012

Another Greek Update

Hello again from Greece!

I'm still having a wonderful time here and though it's stiflingly hot, I've still managed several sweaty workouts and refreshing myself with wonderful Greek food.

With only 10 days to go until my first ever race (10K Race for Life, if you're interested in sponsoring me/donating to Cancer Research UK, checkout my fundraising page) I have tried to keep up my distance running by doing 6K treadmill runs, 30/90 second sprint walk intervals, and mini circuits of skipping, boxjumps and press-ups. I have not left the gym without being dripping in sweat, though this doesn't take long in these temperatures! Seriously, last night we made a 25 minute walk to the next town at about 7pm and even that was sweaty work. I have also been on the beach and in the sea, and love the idea of a workout on the sand and in the sea, but in this heat and with the mass of people and parasols around, I can't see that happening!

I have still been enjoying the lovely home cooked dishes at the hotel though I did want to quickly share some of restaurant meals I've had since the last blog:

For this meal, I ordered a plain tomato and cucumber salad and 'large baked beans'. The salad was lovely and fresh and seasoned with fresh parsley which was a nice surprise as other salads I have had out here have been seasoned with dried oregano and basil. The 'baked beans' certainly weren't the standard UK baked beans - creamy butterbeans in a rich herby-garlicky tomato sauce. From the look of a dish, I think it was meant as a sharing side dish, but I had nearly all of them to myself!

These were the stuffed pepper and tomato I had after the long sweaty walk I mentioned before, bizarrely served in a terracotta roof tile, though I think the head waiter thought this was an exciting restauranty, chefy touch that he was very proud of, so much so that it looked like he was taking it upon himself to serve every order of this dish. Unfortunately, the tile made the food cold. Maybe this was their intention, though I would have preferred them hot. I also enjoyed the tomato more than the traditional green pepper as the flavour was more rich and sweet, whereas I tend to find green peppers a little bitter.

I also wanted to quickly mention a snack I have been enjoying here and though I have always meant to try them/make them, I never have. I spotted 300g of roasted chickpeas (or chickpea nuts I think they can be called) for less than 2 euros so they definitely seemed worth a go. They're a great snack, that hit that savoury crisp/nut spot with a decent supply of protein too. These ones were plain, though I think I'll experiment with herbs and spices when I attempt to make these when I'm back.

I may not blog again 'til I'm back in the UK, but in the meantime thanks for reading and feel free to drop a comment or message :-)

Hannah xx

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