Friday, 29 June 2012

Foodie Penpal!!!!

This month I participated for the first time in foodie penpals, which is organised in the UK and Europe by Carol Ann on Rock Salt. The idea is that you are paired up with another foodie (you can be either a blogger or a reader) and you are sent a foodie themed parcel while you send one to another penpal to which you've been assigned. I found out about the US version through my love of the Lean Green Bean blog, whose author, Lindsay created it/hosts it over there.  Today I'm going to review the wonderful box of treats that I recieved from Emma who has a wonderful baking page on facebook for the Norfolk Cake & Bake Club.

First out of the box was this super cute card with a note inside, and very appropriate given Emma's love of baking!

I was too impatient to take a picture of the packed box (though it was done sooo neatly and efficiently and picture-worthy in itself!) but here's a photo of the line-up:
First thing, I tried was the strawberry and cream tea which was lovely. Fruit teas usually disappoint me as they never taste as sweet or fruity as I want them too, but these ones don't disappoint! I have tried them with and without a little manuka honey and the flavour is sweet and fruity either way.

I then gobbled up the licorice log after my ouzo and tomato pasta on Tuesday, as the ouzo sauce had given me a real taste for aniseed! This little treat is even vegan :-)

The locally made peach jam is something I am SO excited to try, though I'm resisting opening it at the moment to stop me from just tucking in with a spoon - I love peaches and had them every morning in Greece, but I need to watch my sugar intake so I'll be looking for ways to indulge in the jam without overdoing it. I saw this great pastry recipe on Johanna's Green Gourmet Giraffe blog and I think the peach jam would be great with the pastry in baby jam tarts. Looks like I'll be getting my bake on!

Emma also treated me to a gorgeous dark chocolate bunny that Emma said is made locally to her and you can even watch them make it.....sounds like choccy heaven to me. Dark chocolate is of course my preference, though as a veggie I was reluctant to bite this little lovely's head off....but I did and it was YUM!

I actually can't remember the last time I had popcorn and even then it was probably the processed sugary stuff from the cinema so the little package of pink popcorn kernels has got me so excited to get popping as I know they have potential to be a healthy snack, either sweet or savoury. The ones that Emma sent me are PINK which is awesome. Anyone have any ideas for flavouring?

And dried portobello mushrooms! Any mushrooms are a meat-free staple, for both textural, flavour and health reasons (one of the best sources of plant-based vitamin B12, I believe) and I'm excited to cook up something new and exciting with the dried version of my favourite portobellos. If I can find it, I'd like to cook up some orzo like I had on holiday , so not quite a risotto, and tart it up with these beauts!

Taking part in Foodie Penpal has been so exciting. My participation meant that I sent a box myself to Cyn at Life of Cyn who is really into self-care from mental well-being to make-up and blogs about acceptance for all body shapes and sizes. Here is her review of what I sent her.

Thanks again for reading, guys. Why not get involved????

Hannah xxx

The Lean Green Bean


  1. Pink popcorn! Amazing! A really lovely parcel, so pleased for you :)

  2. June was my 1st month taking part, and I enjoyed it so much! Cant wait to go shopping for your parcel x