Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Some things I ate and lifted today...

So I wanted to share my Foodie Penpal experience today but I checked the terms and conditions and it looks like I have to hold that back 'til Friday. So I'll just do a quick share of today's exercise and food (except dinner, as I'm eating at my dad's again and don't know what that'll consists of and don't really want to start taking photos!)

I started the day a little differently with some porridge which is something I always used to enjoy, and still do but as as more of a dessert. I tried almond milk (thanks, Em!) and it made the oats lovely and creamy, and I flavoured it with cinnamon and a VERY ripe banana, and topped with some seeds and goji berries to bump up the calories and good fats. It filled me right up and I'll be looking to get some almond milk of my own asap.

At lunch I used another of my Greek purchases, the Hot Chickpeas, with some pasta, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. It tasted really good and wasn't as spicey as I was expecting it had the chili kick I wanted and the chickpeas were lovely and buttery, and the olive oil carried all the other flavours well and gave it the slightly oily and indulgent feel, to stop it seeming like diet food.

That's all I can really share on the food front today. As for exercise, I visited my new gym (had my finger print swiped -so novel, I love it!) and got onto the treadmill for some intervals. My intervals lasted about 12 minutes at one minute high, one minute low (max speed 13.5kph) and I made it up to a 30 minute run at a steady 10-11.5kph pace. The left me pretty sweaty (not like the Greek gym though!) and I decided to explore the ladies only studio. I don't like the idea of such a facility because I feel that it kind of encourages the fear of heavy lifting many ladies have. It had some resistance machines, but the only free weights were 1-10kg dumb bells so my expectations were confirmed really. I used the free weights to work my chest, lifting the 10kgs to do a chest press (I can't do any heavier without a spotter....yet ;-) ) and 6kgs to do flies. 3 sets. I had had enough of that so went back into the main studio to the heavier weights section and sought out the Smith machine to do some squats. I did 5 sets with 20kg on each end (can't figure out the total weight because I don't know the bar weight) followed by the leg press machine and straight leg deadlifts, and finishing with some stretches.

Sorry, this will be boring if you aren't into lifting, though I will recommend an article 'The Zen of the Barbell' as I came across this today (via No Meat Athlete on facebook) and it seems appropriate to share given my workout. If you need a new reason to hit the weights, maybe this will do it for you!

Thanks for reading, catch ya later!

Hannah xx

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