Sunday, 5 August 2012


So, you know how I posted about the Total Warrior 10K event I was so looking forward to participating in this weekend? Well, it didn't happen. Well, the event happened, but my participation didn't. It was starting to look a bit difficult when I had to take part in a training course on the day we needed to travel up there which would've meant driving over 200 miles quite late into the evening before pitching a tent to try and get some rest. Then, the day before we intended to travel one of the team members who was supposed to drive part of the team up there had to pull out. This meant potentially squeezing all 5 remaining team members into James' 5 seater car and somehow loading the boot with 3 tents and all the rest of the necessary gear and clothes. We realised that this wouldn't work, and James was beginning to feel uneasy about the prospect of driving  so late through Friday traffic in his car which isn't in the best condition. We considered taking the train but it would simply have been far more costly.

The rest of our team ended up taking the train and I believe that they had an amazing experience. I'm so disappointed, though I am trying to remind myself that there will be other events...a bit more local perhaps. On Thursday, I was desperately searching for a solution - so desperate that the apparently reasonable idea of somehow moving the event down south sprung to my mind! The very fact that there was a second in which my mind consider this to be a feasible solution, to me, just goes to show the impact stress has on thoughts (sorry, psychology student brain is speaking)

There is one bright side to this however. To blast away some of my stress on Saturday, which is usually a rest day for me, I took 2 new classes at the gym. As far as I was aware I had signed up for 'Combat Blast' and 'Body Conditioning'. Combat Blast hit the spot - routines incorporated a range of combat disciplines and I spent an hour wildly throwing kicks and punches in every direction and I was super sweaty and pumped after. It was a great workout which I will definitely be doing next Saturday (might have to switch up my rest day schedule!) Today, my back is soooo sore (in a good way) so I was clearly engaging muscles which haven't had a look in for a while - result!

Next was body conditioning, which I assumed would be pretty pilates based and I thought would be the perfect antithesis to a dynamic combat session. Turned out to be the opposite -  a boot camp circuit session where the instructor had us doing sprints, body weight exercise drills and mini circuits. At the end, she let us pick up some weights, though I could tell that she didn't have much time for weight training, at least not until you had mastered the gruelling body weight challenges. I respected this ethos and body weight exercises are definitely something I will consider when I next change up my workout regime. Besides, if burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers and jump squats are good enough for military and sports professionals, they are more than good enough for me.

I apologise for the absence of piccies in this post - I really should've taken a picture of my post-workout sweat! Unfortunately, my training course last week and then spending the remainder of my weekend celebrating my brother's Birthday has left little time for being inspired to share any health/fitness related finds. Hopefully, some more substantial posts will come together next week!

Hannah xx

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