Thursday, 23 August 2012

Let's Get Juicing!

So, I hinted last time about something new going on in my life career-wise. Well what it is, is that James and I are sick of job hunting and the thought of having to work for someone else kind of leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Instead, we have been beavering away, researching and planning our own business - a juice and smoothie bar!

Juicing has been on and off in my life for about 6 or so years. My mum used to make us fresh green juices and smoothies to have with our dinner and I also incorporated it when I was 18 and realised that my diet could do with cleaning up and my body could afford to lose some weight. I also juiced a little at uni...until my cheap juicer blew out!

Now the juicer (or rather, my mum's juicer) is back with a vengeance to give me a kick up the backside to up the fruit and veg ante, and also as a key lab apparatus for our enterprising experiments! We have a few winners so far, but there's so much else for us to think about and do! Property, equipment, suppliers, funding....the list goes on, and I keep getting waves of uncertainty and feeling that it's just too big a project for someone like me, so used to being told what to do. Thankfully James has a degree in accounting and finance and his parents have been running their own business for almost 30 years so we shouldn't be completely at sea.

I realise that I haven't updated on food for a while. Well, as of today and for the next 3 days (if all goes to plan) I won't be having any! I want to really immerse myself in juicing so that I can really appreciate and advocate its power, and so I'm on a juice detox until Sunday morning.

Today seems to involve a lot of beetroot, which is supposed to be great for building up your blood, and other cleansing ingredients like cucumber, celery and apples.  For dinner I will be having a smoothie - juiced vegetables and apples blended with avocado, and there will be a few other smoothies for me to indulge in and help ensure I get sufficient fibre, fat and protein. So far I'm not feeling any more hungry than I would typically feel when I anticipate my dinner, and though I'm not craving anything, it's that impulse for experiencing different  food textures that I'm missing. I also experienced some mild headaches around midday which is supposed to be a typical reaction as the body withdraws from caffeine and sugars.

How I am going to work this around my exercise is something I'm a bit uncertain of. Today is easy because it's a scheduled rest day. But I'm scheduled to do spinning and body combat classes on Friday and Saturday and the fact that I'm possibly going to London tomorrow afternoon is a bit of a head-scratcher. And keeping on top of my juices will take a bit of planning...

I'll update again here about how it all goes with the juicing and any other exciting progressions, business-wise!

Hannah xx

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