Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Foodie Penpal Reveal

The Lean Green Bean
This has been my second month as part of the foodie penpal scheme - it pairs foodie bloggers and readers so that everyone sends and recieves a box of foodie related treats.In the UK, Carol-Ann hosts, but it was originally started in the States by Lindsay. If you want to find out more click on the button above :-D

Today I am sharing the treats sent by Jenni - check out her blog, she has home cooking sorted and takes great photos too! So, here's what the box was like:

Soynut Mix
  • I had the Kallo mini rice cakes there and then - they were salt and vinegar flavour so they had that great savoury tang and they were made from whole grain rice so guilt-free! Such a great alternative to crisps, definitely something to bare in mind next time I'm looking for lunchbox food.
  • The soynuts (in the pink bag) were an absolute hit! Soynuts (like chicknuts) are oven roasted beans and I keep meaning to make my own but never get round to it. These ones were mized with wasabi peas and fried corn had a sweet and spicey flavour. The protein/carb ratio was 1:1 so a great meat-free snack that boosts protein without a carb/sugar overload - win!
Oatcakes and cottage cheese
  • The oatcakes are another awesome snack that are free from refined sugar - just rolled oats and olive oil and salt. I dunked them in cottage cheese for a quick and filling lunch.
  • The reggae reggae seasoned cashews and peanuts were great - I've not had cashews for so long and had forgotten how creamy and satisfying they are. And the seasoning really hit the spot where hot and spicey is concerned!
  • Jenni kindly included a recipe for vegetable tikka masala (a foodie penpal rule is to include something that is hand written), and she also included the spice mix and a little balti bowl to eat it out of. I did this the day I recieved the box as I'd been craving curry and had everything to hand. Jenni didn;t say how many the recipe was for but I just had the whole batch to myself (*oink*). It was mild yet flavourful and definitely filled me up without a nasty bloated feeling. And it was so packed with veggies that this was right up my street! She also included some caraway seeds which weren't in the recipe so I haven't used them yet but when I find a recipe that inspires me to use them (and I've never used them before) I will share :-)
Veggie Curry Mountain in a Balti Bowl
 As you can probably tell, I've had another thoroughly enjoyable month as a foodie penpal. I sent a parcel to Anna who has posted her verdict on her brand new blog!

It's not too late to sign up for next month, so get involved!

Hannah xxx

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  1. So glad you enjoyed everything so far! It was a pleasure to put a box together for you :)