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Finally, a RECIPE! Coconut Almond Thai Noodle Sauce

Hello :-)

I've not posted a proper recipe on here for ages! Most of my latest kitchen creations just haven't been recipe share material - despite being tasty, they have typically been a cobbled together mess from my fridge and cupboard staples. But I finally got something together this morning while I was desperately scratching around to assemble ANYTHING faintly palatable for my lunch!

Working in my juice bar all day means that I have to prepare lunch in advance and refrigerate it til I scarf it down on the sly between my lunchtime customers. I have relied a lot on pitta breads, which I love, but they aren't the most creative option and are rather easy that it leads me neglect the stuff at the back of my cupboards. That changed this morning.

A can of coconut milk has been calling my name from said cupboards for a while. I've resisted opening it til now...once it's open, I have to use it - then there's the risk that whatever I try to make won't live up to my expectations and that would make me sad. But I finally sucked it up and got over myself as I have done in the past.

I open the can. I knew to expect a layer of coconut cream and skim this off to save for baking (YES YES YES). I started skimming...a bit deeper....deeper.....until the final inch of the can which broke through to a small amount of coconut water! Right.....I guess the freezing cold temperatures in my flat must have had some effect. No matter, I just dumped the entire contents in a dish and softened it a little with a fork until it looked vaguely usable.

I also have a few bundles of buckwheat soba noodles in my inventory. I love that I can get these super cheaply from my local Asian food shop, and as noodles go, they have minimal ingredients and a good amount of protein.

Also in my culinary inventory.....lime, ginger, dried herbs, almond butter, soy sauce, frozen veggies, garlic....mmmm, perhaps hold the garlic given James' latest complaints of me stinking permanently of garlic. Well, that's hummus I guess :-P

This recipe might be a bit more follow-able if I lay it out in a normal format! Here you go:

Coconut Almond Thai Almond Sauce (with noodles and veggies)
Vegan and GF (check your noodles are GF)

Serves 1*


1/4 400ml can of coconut milk (or 100ml of whatever it was I had after the aforementioned mashing)
1 Tsp natural almond butter (I bet peanut butter would work well too)
1/2 Tsp grated ginger root
1/2 Tsp dried basil (I expect coriander could work too)
1 Tsp soy sauce
The juice from 1/4 of a lime

60g Dried buckwheat noodles

As many frozen veggies as you like - I had a carrot, pea, sweet corn and green bean mix.

First prepare the noodles til soft, by boiling over the stove, or immersing in hot water from the kettle in a shallow dish (covered). With the kettle method, I find it helps to drain the noodles after 3 or for minutes and then repeat with fresh hot water, to stop the noodles getting starchy.

Meanwhile, in a food processor, blender, or as I did, in a clean protein shaker cup with an immersion blender(!) whizz all the sauce ingredients together. If your coconut milk/cream is really thick, thin with a little water. Easy.

Cook your frozen vegetables - I steamed mine in the microwave, then rinsed with cold water to prevent them over cooking.

Combine the 3 components together and eat straight away, or cover to save for lunch like me as the noodles are perfectly enjoyable eaten cold. The texture is quite thick and claggy, I actually found that aspect kind of comforting.

*one thing though, unless you are really hungry (like me), it probably makes too much sauce for some. Feel free to share the same quantity of sauce between 2 servings of noodles and veggies to make enough for one other lucky person :-)

I was so pleased to be able to get a lunch together that I am happy enough with to share with you! It really hit the spot at lunchtime, and the fresh, clean ingredients gave me that clean-eating halo.
I am proud enough of it that I will share it over at Wellness Weekend and Healthy Vegan Friday.

Do you have any other cold (unusual) lunch options you'd like to inspire me with? Comment below!

Speak again soon,

Hannah xx

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  1. I have no unusual lunches to share just yet, but just wanted to say that this sounds so delicious!!!