Monday, 30 July 2012

Total Warrior 10K

As promised, this post will be to share a bit more about my next event. I got involved when a friend of mine whom I haven't seen in years put out a suggestion on facebook to take on the Total Warrior 10K challenge in the Lake District, to fund raise for the National Autistic Society. My friend is a support worker for the charity, helping those with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder have a better quality of life. As my brother has autism and we are lucky enough to be supported by services and caring individuals like my friend, I wanted to give something back and support her, just as much I wanted to support the charity itself.

Now the event isn't called Total Warrior for nothing. 

The Total Warrior challenges are not your standard trail runs. The Total Warrior team has worked with ex-military personnel to bring you the ultimate test of strength, stamina, agility and mental determination. The unforgiving Lake District terrain along with our specially designed hardcore obstacles, will mean success is about survival and not speed. So forget about breaking records and bring everything you have to cross the finish line to become a TOTAL WARRIOR! (

I think it's quite a bit like the Tough Mudder events in the States (which is coming to the UK next year by the way...on my Birthday!!!). At the beginning of the month I took part in my first ever race, a 10K, and I was so nervous. But it was so fun and ever since I've been pumped to do an event again. Throw in the prospect of working as a team through some actually insane obstacles and I am BUZZING! Even better, James is on the team. I suspect that his strength will come in handy, and though he isn't a runner, I don't think it'll make much difference because a lot of the course is too tough for most to run anyway. 

The training suggestions included strength training, interval training and running. This is basically my workout regime and has been for months, so I didn't feel the need to train specifically for the event.

All that is left to do is work out what to wear ;-)

Anybody else done a crazy event like this? Any tips?


Hannah xx

P.S. Apologies for the lack of pictures. I don't want to be accused of stealing, but I suppose I can show you the poster that can be downloaded from the website

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