Thursday, 21 February 2013

In need of a PLAN

In recent weeks, I have seen myself in a bit of a rut.

I'm struggling tremendously to switch off from business stuff, and feel very much pulled in different directions - wanting to keep everyone happy, realising I can't, giving into the me-time that I want but then not embracing it due to feelings of guilt.

Lately, it's been very easy to be lax in my workout commitments and make shoddy, mindless food choices between meals.

I'm a person who likes PLANS. and not just 'up here' plans *taps head* but on-paper/screen plans so I can see and review my thoughts and expectations.

To find a happier place, these are the areas of my life that I think if I do a touch of planning and goal-setting, I will regain some focus and reap some rewards to make me feel happier:

- A food 'formula'. I don't want to get bogged down in 'diets' or meal plans that leave me bored and unsatisfied. I think that finding a formula for meals that allows for flexibility within my mostly plant-based preferences, that also supports my fitness goals is the challenge here, and I've started working on this already.

- A workout schedule that I know I can commit to, but with wriggle room for when life happens. There's so many exercises that I want to be able to do but I don't want to burn out. My work hours don't accommodate much more than an hour anyway either in the early morning or late evening, and I don't want to burn out or be counter productive. Switching up my routines every 6 weeks might be a good way to keep things fresh and keep my performance improving rather than stagnating.

- Sign up for some races! Signing up for the 10K last year was one of the most motivating and focussing things I've ever done, and I REALLY want to get some more in the bag this year...I have a time to beat!!!

- Business 'to-do' list. There are always little things that need doing round here. Orders, recycling stuff, cleaning jobs, emails, calls, financial stuff....And it's amazing how easily it can build up, overwhelm me and really stress me out to the point that it simply doesn't get done! I want to be able to achieve one or two 'to-do's a day, too stop the build up, and also feel like I have accomplished something even if the shop hasn't performed well that day.

- Give more to this blog. I love writing here but finding something worth writing about can be tough, and sometimes the things I do want to say are difficult to put into words. I would like to work on some regular features and link up more with other blogging parties so I have more chance to reflect on my week with some purpose, and feel a bit more sociable too!

I think that's all for the moment...a kind of 'to be continued' post where I will update with my planning progress...details on my food 'formulas' and workout schedules and perhaps some 'sign up' updates.

'Til then, I guess!

Hannah x


  1. I completely understand - it's so hard to fit everything in!

    Signing up for a race or two is a great idea - it always subconciously helps to keep me on track with food and fitness.

    Also, make sure to pencil in some TRUE downtime. I can ALWAYS think of at least 10 more things that I think I SHOULD be doing, but one evening a week, Mike and I like to do NOTHING together. No gym, no email checking, no cleaning, etc. Just watching a show together or reading in our room. It helps me keep going the rest of the week without getting burnt out.

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