Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bad bad bad bad bad bad blogger...

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update to say that I've not completely fallen off the planet that I do intend to pick up my blog posts properly again, as soon as I have the time to, and the inspiration for new things to write about!

Things are pretty busy around here, setting up my new juice and smoothie bar. We have just about secured premises and some commercial equipment. It's taking up a lot of mental space and energy and there isn't much point in me posting a half-hearted blog.

When I get back to 'business as usual' (blog-wise) I will hopefully be able to regularly update you on my shop's transformation and some exciting recipes and nutrition info, as well as fitting fitness into a busy schedule, which I fully intend to do!

I will also be blogging as you'd expect me to at the end of the month for a Foodie Penpals reveal!

Hope you are keeping fit and well!

Hannah xx

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